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No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big.

Five-year-old Yash Aradhya had a dream. A dream to drive. A love for speed. And the thirst to win. And even though it would be four years before he would take his first laps around the racing track at age nine, there was always something that drove him toward making his dream a reality – his passion.

Yash made his debut on the professional race track in 2012. And in the next two years, he dominated both Indian and Asian race tracks, showing improvement with every race, willing to learn every lesson he was taught on and off the tracks, proving that he is in it, to win it.

It came as a surprise to no one when he was awarded the BEST KARTER OF THE YEAR 2014.

His next stop? Europe. Yash is forging ahead with all his might and will to dominate Europe and wing the World Championship title. Yash will take part in the WSK SUPER MASTER SERIES 2016 being held across Italy where the top racers from 50 countries will participate to win the title.


Yash has the rare opportunity to train under Akbar Ebrahim, the legendary racer who is the first Indian to race on international circuits. Akbar is currently training some of India’s most promising drivers including his son, Armaan Ebrahim and F1 racers, Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok.

In India, Yash trains at and races for Meco Motorsports, Akbar’s brainchild, where he nurtures aspiring drivers to conquer the world.


Karting is not for the faint-hearted, weak-minded or frail-bodied. It requires split-second reflexes, continuous endurance and immense flexibility, for all of which Yash is being trained under the direction of several specialists. He undergoes an extensive, daily fitness régime that includes Physical Fitness (Endurance, Reflexes and Core Strength) and Mental Conditioning.

For this, he trains at the Quantum Leap Performance – a training center professionally run by Mr. Ramji Srinivisan, ex fitness coach for the Indian Cricket team, and Mr. Bhadri Narayanan, the US based mental conditioning coach. With training as meticulous as his, accountability, integrity, respect and a hunger to succeed come naturally to Yash.


Along with physical and fitness training, Yash also follows a balanced diet set by his nutritionist Ryan Fernando of Qua Nutrition. What he eats and drinks prior to training, whilst training and during competitions can have profound effects on his body composition and ultimately performance and recovery. So, Ryan has created a diet plan to help Yash maximise his performance as well as improve overall health and well-being. His diet focuses on maintaining his metabolic rate and helps build his body structure to benefit him on the track. The nutrition plan is in sync with his fitness programme, the karting training and the races.

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Team Baby Racing is headquartered in Brescia Italy and is known for its outstanding results and competitiveness, vision and innovative spirit that are essential for success. The team is founded by Sandro Lorandi and with his commitment and passion the team has won 3 World Karting Championship titles in the last 3 consecutive years. The team is managed by Roberto Toninelli an Ex KZ driver. Last year the Baby race driver Alessio Lorandi entered the FIA Formula 3 European Championship straight from karting.